Visiting Guests

Visiting Guests

True North Golf Club is committed to providing all members and their guests with the most enjoyable club experience possible. To uphold these standards, members and their guests are expected to act in a manner consistent with good taste and consideration for other members.

Dress Code - True North’s dress code is Harbor Springs casual.
Gentlemen - Collared golf shirts, mock turtle necks with slacks or bermuda shorts are considered appropriate golf attire. It is recommended that shirts be tucked in.  Denim shirts, tank tops, tee shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, warm up suits, gym clothing, swim wear and any other form of athletic wear is not permitted.
Ladies - Dresses, skirts, slacks, shorts and blouses are considered appropriate golf attire. Halter tops, tee shirts, cut offs, sweat pants, warm up suits, blue jeans, swim wear, short shorts, or other athletic shorts are not permitted.

Course Etiquette
There will be no outside food and beverage permitted on club property at any time. Tee times are approximate, True North members and cottage guests will have priority. Rounds at True North are expected to have a pace of less than 4 hours. The golf staff reserves the right to ask any group to pick up and move into place if they are out of position for an extended period of time. Please keep the golf carts on the path, rough and fairways. Carts are not permitted to drive in any of the native grasses.

Forecaddie Requirements
All groups that are not accompanied by a member are required to take a forecaddie. The rate for all golfers is $40.00 per person plus gratuity and must be paid in cash directly to the forecaddie at the completion of the round. The forecaddie will be able to assist with any club policy question on the golf course. 

Clubhouse Etiquette and Cell Phone Policy
All Members and guests are to change into their golf shoes in the locker room. There are day lockers available for all guests to use. There are to be no hats worn anywhere in the clubhouse which includes the golf shop, dining room and club room; in addition, all golf caps and visor brims when worn must be forward-facing. Cell phone use in the clubhouse, the practice facilities and on the golf course is limited to emergencies only. Members and guests should ensure that cell phones or other electronic devices (such as golf GPS devices, radios, speakers or similar devices) used on the practice facilities or the golf courses do not distract other players.

Cancellation Policy
Please provide at least 48 hours in advance of tee time for any cancellation in order to provide ample opportunity to contact the forecaddie.